Magnify Credit Union

Magnify Credit Union & Apple Pay

Magnify Credit Union & Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a service built into eligible Apple devices that allows you to add a digitized version of your Magnify debit or credit card to your Apple Wallet. With your Apple Pay cards, you can make payments securely using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac at supported merchants, in-person, online, or purchases using eligible mobile apps instead of using your physical debit or credit card.

The benefits of using Apple Pay with your Magnify debit or credit card are:

  • Simplicity
    • You can complete your purchase without entering a single piece of information or taking out your wallet to swipe or insert your card.
  • Security
    • One of the major advantages of Apple Pay is that the merchants never have access to the actual card information. If you lose your phone, you can temporarily disable Apple Pay until you find the device.
  • Preventing Fraud
    • Because you are in complete control of the transaction and your card data in Apple Pay, it is nearly impossible for fraudsters to steal card information to make fraudulent transactions. If there ever is an issue, you can remove your cards immediately.

Step-by-step setup instructions are available on the Apple website: How to set up Apple Pay.