Magnify Credit Union

One-Time Loan Payment by ACH

One-Time Loan Payment by ACH

The Basics

If you have a loan with Magnify Credit Union, you can now schedule your loan payment(s) to be paid automatically with funds from your account at another financial institution. It's simple, just choose the option below that you prefer.

Magnify offers two payment options to make your MagnIfy loan payments: one-time payment and reoccurring payments. You choose which payment option works best for you, so, whether you want to make a single payment or schedule a reoccurring payment for a certain date or time of the month, the process is simple.

One-Time Payment

Please speak to our Call Center at 863-425-5611 to make a one-time, non-recurring Loan or Visa Credit Card payment quickly.

  • Transactions available by phone only
  • You must be authorized on the bank account provided
  • $5 convenience fee for each transaction added to the transaction amount
  • Convenience fee will be debited from your account at your other financial institution
  • Return fees applicable if funds are not available
  • ACH payments from a valid Savings or Checking account may be used
  • Payments will be effective only after the transaction has been validated
  • Any disputed transaction will result in payment reversal from your loan and may result in late fees. (Refer to your loan agreement for details on late payments)

Recurring Payment

You can set up recurring automatic withdrawals from either your Magnify Credit Union account or from a deposit account at another institution by completing the Debit Origination Form.

There is no fee for reccurring payments.