Magnify Credit Union

Notary Services

Notary Services

The Basics

Magnify Credit Union has certified notary publics available at each of our branch locations for our members' convenience, free to members. No appointment is necessary; simply see a Member Service Representative.

Notary Services

A notary public is a public officer with certification.

  • Notaries attest deeds and other documents, or copies of them, usually under an official seal, to authenticate them.
  • A notary's duties primarily are related to commercial transactions.

Signature Guarantee

(Mulberry Branch by Appointment Only)

This service is free to Members. Please call 863-425-5611 for an appointment. Only one employee is authorized to provide a Signature Guarantee and Magnify does not guarantee the availability of this service.

Magnify Credit Union is authorized for the Medallion Stamp Signature Guarantee service to members who need signature guarantees for a stock or mutual fund transaction.

When a Medallion Stamp (Signature Guarantee) is often required:

  • Change in ownership of a security
  • Stock sold or transferred
  • Mutual fund sold or transferred
  • Bonds
  • Savings Bonds
  • Unit Investment Trust
  • A request to change a name shown on a security
  • Certify copies of documents accompanying transfer of securities
  • True copy such as POA, Corporate Resolutions

Important Information:

  • Medallion Stamp (Signature Guarantee) is not a Notarization.
  • Statements for the funds requiring a Medallion Stamp must be presented at the time of the Signature Guarantee for verification of amount and ownership.
  • Medallion Stamp Signature Guarantee is provided for our members only.
  • The documents to be guaranteed must be signed in the presence of the Branch Manager guaranteeing the signature.

Please review the Medallion Stamp (Signature Guarantee) Requirements.