Magnify Credit Union

Youth Accounts

Youth Accounts

The Basics

Magnify Credit Union is proud to offer True Wealth-KIDS™, a account designed to provide children with skills, information, and underlying attitudes and values needed to make sound financial decisions.

The TrueWealth-KIDS™ Account

The TrueWealth-KIDS™ is an account comprised of (4) sub-accounts and features a SAVINGS component:

  • KEEP - or save a portion for that "rainy day" fund and for that delayed gratification purchase.
  • INVEST - a portion, beginning with interest bearing accounts to learn the magic of compound interest, leading to a better understanding of ways for making money grow in a risk appropriate portfolio. Magnify Credit Union pays a high rate of interest on this sub-account.
  • DONATE - a portion back to your community, faith, charity, and/or helping those in need or less fortunate.
  • SPEND - the remainder wisely making choices between your needs and wants during the month.

For more information, visit ourTrueWealth-KIDS™ web page.

A+ Student Checking

At Magnify, we want you to be prepared for life after you move out on your own. That means knowing what your credit score is all about and how you can affect it, understanding how loan rates work, and learning how to avoid high -interest credit card debt. Learning how to budget, invest, and spend wisely now will prepare you for buying a car, or even a house, in the not so distant future.

By becoming an A+ Student, you'll be taking the first step toward securing your independence.

  • No monthly service charge
  • Parents can set up automatic transfers to their child's sub-accounts promoting the hands-on management of money.
  • Convenient ways to manage your account via:
  • Free Magnify Internet Banking
  • Free mobile banking
  • Free ACT 24 telephone banking
  • Free eStatements
  • Free Visa® Debit Card