Magnify Credit Union

About Us

About Us

Simplify Banking. Magnify Life.

People Helping People

On your first visit to MAGNIFY Credit Union, you'll find that we are a refreshing alternative to traditional banking. We're a not-for-profit cooperative, serving the people of Polk County since 1950. We're not here to make money for stockholders; we're here to help you reach your financial goals with simple and innovative financial solutions.

As a credit union, our "people helping people" business model has guided us for over fifty years and will continue to lead us into the future. We believe that when our member/owners achieve financial security, they concentrate on what's more important in life.

We Want You to Succeed

Our goal is to help our members achieve financial peace. We are leader in low rate car loans, mortgage loans and personal loans. We try our best to help our members save money and refinancing their loans or rewarding them for saving. We also provide straight forward advice on ways to improve credit or become debt free. We make it our mission to make sure you succeed.

Green Flagship Branch

Energy conservation is the theme of our full-service branch in South Lakeland. You won't find traditional teller counters; they've been replaced with "dialogue centers", where automated Teller Cash Recycling Machines receive and dispense coin and currency. This means a safer atmosphere for our staff, accurate cash handling, as well as a more open environment for our staff to communicate with members. Our South Lakeland is the first net-zero energy commercial building in Florida and is a Gold LEED-Certified building. That means we generate more electricity from our solar panels than we use. In addition to solar energy, rainwater using the roof as a collector is collected in a cistern system which supports our outside irrigation and inside lavatories. Our branch interior is designed to be sustainable as well. Many finishes, including tile, carpet and counter tops, have been selected due to their recycled material content. The lighting system includes digital controls and photo sensors that automatically dim the interior lighting when natural daylight sufficiently illuminates a space. Additional occupancy sensors automatically turn lights off in unoccupied offices

Be part of something exceptional. Simplify banking. Magnify life.

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